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Getting Over It is not a usual arcade. At first sight, it also deals with passing levels and overcoming obstacles. But these levels are extremely long and the obstacles are incredibly difficult. You’ll have to consider aspects of physics and adjust the movements of your fingers with a millimeter precision to succeed. Plus there will be commentaries from the game maker sounding in the background as he deliberates on the hardships of our life and encourages you to find motivation in the philosophy of stoicism. So, shall we begin?

Mountaineering has never been so absurd… and hard!

The main hero of the game is a man who doesn’t wear a shirt and prefers traveling with a naked torso, open to the blowing winds and scorching sun. It’s unclear if he has his pants on because he is also making his way sitting in some sort of a cauldron. It looks even more ridiculous when you find out the goal of his journey is the top of a very high mountain that he wants to ascend in a bizarre transport like this. Well, at least he still has his hands free and operating. And he intends to use them to swish a huge sledgehammer that he drives into the rock to clutch onto another ledge and pull himself up the hill.

Moving like that, you have to overcome all the hurdles waiting for you on this uneasy path and  reach the end of the level which won’t be so simple given that every time you fall you keep rolling back down until you manage to hook onto something and stop yourself from tumbling to the very bottom. Yes, Getting Over It is not a game you can just breeze through!

Devilishly hard controls and motivating philosophy

The thing that makes everything even more challenging is that the controls are highly sensitive. You guide your character with a mouse, and even a tiny mistake can send all of your previous efforts down the drain. You have to stay incredibly balanced and focused all the time if you hope to finally beat this nasty game. And the soothing voice in the background will help you in that. His remarks and quotes contain the wisdom of Ancient Greek philosophers and a person who has been repeatedly forced to return home to pick up the keys he forgot to take on his way to work. There is no doubt you will find motivation in his words to continue your way no matter what and reach that mountain summit sooner or later! Start playing Getting Over It right now, but don’t hope that you’ll be able to finish any time soon!

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